about me

For years I wanted out of corporate America. The stress, the long hours; the thankless job. One day, my dear friend asked me what I wanted to do instead... and I couldn't answer her. All I knew was that I wanted to turn my love and passion for all things jewelry and beauty into a brand.  

I lost that thankless job in corporate America and right then I knew  - it was now or never! With my husband's support, nik & co. was born.

My goal is to curate items that are hand made with locally sourced pieces when possible. Here you will find a variety of jewelry, both made by myself, and curated from other vendors, made with love and care.

All of the products made by or curated by me have been created with purpose.

Beauty is a mindset. Every woman, and every man, is beautiful in his or her own way. Too often we forget to care for ourselves - whether it's a 5 minute shower alone or adding that special accessory to your outfit; the smallest step can have the biggest impact.  

Here's to you, beautiful.