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  • new resin earrings are fab!

    All of Nicole's earring designs are beautiful, but I am in love with her new resin creations! I love statement earrings, but have to be careful of the weight on my lobes, but these resin ones are bold and lightweight!

  • amazing!

    The whole family loves it! I forgot the boy's lotion on vacation and the pool chlorine dried their skin out so bad. They have such sensitive skin so I am careful what I put on them. It was all I had, and I even used it on their faces. It worked great and they love it! Now they ask me for the special lotion.

  • best foot balm ever!

    I wished I'd taken a before and after picture of my feet. I have tried several products and nothing compares to the results I have with the foot balm that Nicole makes! I use it daily and no longer have dry heels. Fabulous product! ❤️

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