Thank you for shopping small this season!

Thank you for shopping small this season!

The Holiday season always makes me feel so filled with joy and love. 

2020 has certainly thrown all of us for a loop. I mean, I can't be the only one who never thought they would live through a pandemic. The pandemic hasn't been kind.  People have lost their jobs.  Many have lost loved ones due to illness. There are so many of us who are not feeling the joy of the Holidays this year. 

So what small things can we do to help others feel uplifted? Spread love; spread joy; spread kindness.  And ... shop small.

When you shop small you are supporting artisans who have built a business from the ground up. Your purchases allow them to provide for their families. Big box stores are wonderful - don't get me wrong (Target is my best friend!). But these large chains have flourished through the pandemic, while smaller businesses have suffered.  Need TP?  Chain store.  Need groceries?  Chain store.  

Need gas?  Why not hit up that small family owned gas station up the street instead of the chain.  Looking for Christmas gifts for friends? Why not check out Instagram for small shops that make quality products?  

Shopping small allows your local artisans the opportunity to do what they love; what they are passionate about.  It helps people to thrive in these unknowing times. It supports a family directly. 

Thank you for supporting nik & co. Your generosity me and the world to me and to the artisans whose work we carry here.

Happy Holidays

xoxo, Nicole

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