Talking Brand Partners - Repurposed on Purpose

Talking Brand Partners - Repurposed on Purpose

Let's talk about one of the amazing companies I have been carrying in the shop - Repurposed On Purpose. 

I came across Repurposed On Purpose when I was researching items to carry in my collection. Not only are their products gorgeous, but what they do and what their mission outlines is something that deserves to be promoted.  

This amazing company partners with MUST Ministries to empower women transitioning out of difficult situations.  Through this partnership women have been able to transform their lives - own their own car, purchase their own home. Things that may not have been possible without this initiative. Each item from Repurposed On Purpose is handmade by women who now have the skills and means to support themselves.

Beauty means something different to each of us.  For many of these women, beauty is the ability to live and to feel empowered doing so.

I want the products that I deliver to you to serve a purpose. The purpose is to help you find that self care that you need. I choose to do that through small shops owned by woman who make their products. The products I choose to carry here, that are not created by me, are not available on Amazon. Your purchase supports not only my small business, but another small business as well. Repurposed On Purpose is a company you can feel good about supporting. 

xoxo, Nicole

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