New year; New venture.

New year; New venture.

I love makeup.  Yup - you've heard me say that before.  But let me tell you lets you be someone new each day, without losing yourself.  Feeling bright and bold?  Try a neutral eye with a red lip.  Feeling a little blue?  Try a neutral face with some blue shadow. eyeshadow?  In 2021?  YES!  The beauty of makeup is that it transcends time.  Your coveted look from your high school prom can evolve into something more modern.  

Let's face it - 2020 and #stayhome made it so easy to toss on leggings or sweats.  And i am super guilty of rocking that "rolled out of bed" look.  But playing with makeup has allowed me to stay creative - in my sweats.  Even if I don't get dressed, just a swipe of mascara can change my whole outlook on life.

Did I let 2020 get me down?  Of course!  Pandemics are tough. But I vow in 2021  to get "me" back.  And with that I have decided to become an artist with Seint Beauty.  This makeup is incredible...easy to apply, all in one place (like one compact for ALL your products!) and brushes that do double duty.  

I know, I mlm?  Sometimes it takes a bit to find the company you feel the best fit with.  It's really no different than finding a corporate job to call your own.  Seint's mission fits my personal mission - the vision is for all women to know they are beautiful and to enhance that beauty, not cover it up.  

I will share more about my why as we move further into the year. And I resolve to be better about going live and showing you different tips and tricks.  I am super excited to be sharing my entire journey with you, because this journey includes so much more than just makeup.  It's about building a brand, and showing all people how beautiful they truly are.  

xoxo, Nicole.

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