Glowing skin is in!

Glowing skin is in!

I love a good makeup tutorial. Scrolling through IG is my jam - especially when I can watch people do their makeup. I can't explain why, but there is something so very satisfying seeing the start to finish process.  

Every single makeup video I see lately includes some type of glow product. Glow drops; glow lotions; stunning illuminators. It's giving me that 90's vibe and I am totally here for it.  So I'm going to share the the 3 ways I incorporate a glow into my daily routine.  

Number 1: Add some glow drops to your moisturizer or sunscreen.  Glow drops are easy to use because you can add them into your skincare and customize the amount of glow.  You can add makeup after, or you can just keep your skin natural and glowy and opt for no makeup. On a super hot day, or if I am going to be at the beach, lake, or pool, i do not wear makeup.  A little sunscreen; a little glow.  

Number 2: Use a glotion. Glotion is a moisturizer that has a glow effect to it.  I love L'Oreal's Lumi Glotion. It comes in three shades and is the perfect step to replace your morning moisturizer. I use this product typically by itself. You can grab a tube here.  

As you know, I am a Seint Beauty lover. Cream makeup is amazing, however, it doesn't work well with any moisturizers or primer that have dimethicone in them.  Dimethicone is the agent that creates a smooth, silky feel on your skin. The Lumi Glotion does have dimethicone, and so I have created the perfect alternative for those of you who also use Seint products.  

Number 3: Seint Beauty's Illuminator in the shade Glow.  Mix this stunning illuminator right into your main highlight shade and blend it out to create the perfect glow.  You can also use it as your illuminator once your makeup is finished for a bronzy, dewy look wherever you want the light to catch it.  You can grab Glow here.

If you need help picking the perfect glowy product, slide right on into my DM's and I'm more than happy to help!

XOXO, Nicole


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