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Kismet Cosmetics

clear toxin removing cleanser

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  • bacteria, excess oil, free-radicals, and other toxins build up on your face throughout the day (and even while you sleep!).  you need a safe and effective face wash that will detoxify your skin.  
  • our clear toxin removing foaming facial cleanser fights breakouts and excess oil while killing acne-causing bacteria, all with non-toxic ingredients. our unique blend of organic oils clean and softens skin while tea tree essential oil detoxifies.
  • our skin-caring face wash doesn't contain any sulfates, it is not tested on animals and is 100% vegan & organic. you wouldn't expect to clear the toxins from your body with a toxic product, would you?
  • fragrance-free. paraben-free. phthalate-free. cruelty-free. made in the USA

Care information

gently clean leather with a soft cloth. do not use water or cleaning agents on leather.

gently clean resin with mild soap and water using a soft cloth.

polish brass with a brass polishing agent and a soft cloth.