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Seint's story:  Seint - formerly Maskcara Beauty - has one goal: to see beauty in every face. Seint Mission Statement:  Beauty connects us.  It transcends time and knows no boundaries.  Seeking, experiencing, and cultivating beauty in ourselves and the world around us is a sacred work.  And that work—our work—is beautiful.  We see beauty in every face.  Our mission is to preserve and nurture it.  Everything we do and everything we create is based on what we believe in: That beauty matters. That helping others look beautiful is nice, But helping them believe they are beautiful is life changing.  Beauty is not our creation; Beauty is our passion.

My why:  Seint's mission speaks to me on so many levels.  nik & co.'s goal is to ensure that everyone feels beautiful all the time, whether you are wearing your sweats or your Sunday best.  Self-care, and self-love takes just a few minutes a day and can be anything from skincare, to makeup, to adding the perfect accessories.  

Seint’s easy to use makeup doesn’t cover up your skin; it enhances it.  Less product, that takes less space.  Makeup that helps you see how beautiful you are. 

Because seint's mission is so incredibly important, i ask that you message me for a color match before purchasing product.  this will help to truly ensure that you are getting something you are going to love.  in keeping with my own mission, i promise to only recommend base products so you get products you will love, at a price you will love.



 xoxo, Nicole